Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis known as the Diana Temple is found in the place I live, Ephesus,(Turkey). It dates back to 550 BC and it is one of the oldest members of the Seven Wonders.  The Temple of Artemis was built only by marble, while now only two marbles are left in Ephesus Antique City. The building of the temple lasted 120 years.  It soon became so famous due to its beauty so several copies of the temples were built in other places.

Dünyanın yedi harikası (UNESCO tarafından seçilen) içerisinde yalnızca Keops piramitleri (Mısır piramitleri) günümüze kadar gelmiştir. Bunun dışında hiç bir harika korunamamıştır. Artemis tapınağının simile edilmiş hali.

This is a simulated image of how the temple looked originally. Only the Keops pyramids (Egyptian pyramids) came up to daylight from the seven wonders of the world (selected by UNESCO).

Artemis tapınağının kalıntıları.

The remnants of the Temple of Artemis

Three stages were needed for the Temple rtemis to be completed. During the last stage, a fire occurred and new changes were made. There are several reasons to visit the Temple of Artemis as Antipeter of Sidon also states in his philosophical doctrines.

Artemis tapınağının sonunda bulunan, Artemis heykeli.

The statue found inside the temple

The pictures of the Temple of Artemis

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