Seven Wonders of the World: Hagia Sophia

The history of Hagia Sophia, which remains in the finals in the seven wonders of the world,  Haghia Sophia was first turned into a Catholic church in 532, then orthodox and then to Hagia Sophia in 1935. From the architectural point of view, it has undergone a great maintenance three times because of the great fire occurring in Istanbul and  the earthquake that happened several years later. The building, which underwent great care, still challenged the time, and it survived for 15 centuries until it came to the present day. Hagia Sophia is the world’s oldest cathedral.

Between 2000 and 2007, the world’s new seven wonders was reelected as a finalist due to the voting donefrom all over the world. Haghia Sophia, which was among the finalists of the New Seven Wonders of the World, unfortunately has not been chosen among the Seven Wonders of the World.

The characteristics of Hagia Sophia

  • According to the recording data of Socrates Scholasticus, Hagia Sophia was initially built  near the Statue of Artemis.
  • It is constructed in a Byzantine style.
  • It is the oldest cathedral of the world and also the first worship place
  • Hagia Sophia’ s name stands for church and also divine wisdom.
  • It was rebuilt three times.
  • It is domed in a basilica type.
  • Tons of gold and silver are used in the mosaics on the wall (Jesus, pilgrimage, etc.).
  • The museum is made up of 30 sections.

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