It is found in Grenade and it was built during 1232-1248 under the rule of 1.Muhammad bin Ahmed. Its expansion was made by members of the same family (3. Ebu Abdullah Muhammad, 1. Ebul Haccac Yusuf, 5. Muhammed) The palace was destructed during the time Carlos V Palace was built and it was totally ruined in 1492.
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The architecture of the Palace

“No one thinks Alhambra is a big place when they look it from the outer part, but in the moment they enter there, most of them admit they feel they have entered a completely new world”

The importance of the palace for the Muslim people

This palace is one of the most important works done during Muslim-Spanish period which lasted 780 years. The name of the Allah (God in Arabic) is written in every part of the palace and this name is never repeated such many times in another place.

Günümüzde El Hamra Sarayı

The palace has been neglected for a long time and during that time it became a shelter of beggars. During this period, relief ornaments were thrown away and the doors and windows were destroyed. The governments of the city used the palace building for most of the occasions and during that time the entrance hall was demolished and converted into a door.Apart from all these negativities, the palace was able to come up to the present day and was restored in the 19th century. In the 20th century, the high number of visitors enabled the palace gain the lost glory. The original objects and ornaments were returned or replaced to similar objects.

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