Erythrai, a flashback to Ionia

Ancient City of Erythrai

The picture was captured by Süleyman Pişken.

The picture was retrieved from the following adress

Our destination this time is Erythrai which is positioned near us, in Çeşme (Izmir)

There is an impressive history untold beyond the walls of this ancient city. Like all the ancient Ionian cities, Erythrai has had its own church, theater, agora, tombs, temples and several villas. Also the remnants of the Megaron-shaped houses, the Herakles temple site, and the city walls are still visible there.

The sanctuary of Athena temple was built with polygonal wall stones. This has enabled it to be one of the most durable Ionian structures.


In the ancient city of Acropolis the 6th century BC, a bronze woman statue was found at Athena Temple. The statue, 80 cm in height, is now exhibited at Izmir Archeology Museum.

Photo gallery of Erythrai


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