Lighthouse at Alexandria

İskendiriye Feneri dalgalarla boğuşurken resmedilmiş.

An artistic picture of a ship drowning near the Lighthouse at Alexandria

It is one of the old Seven Wonders of the World  built in the city of Egypt, Alexandria. Although it was built in 285-246 BC, it is among the highest built lighthouses ever. The Alexandria Lighthouse, built on the port of the island of Pharos consisted of three parts. It  was 135 meters high and made of white marble. It could be seen from a distance of 70 kilometers. The bronze mirror located at the top enabled the ships to easily reach the port. The reason it was chosen as one of the wonders is its magnificence.

Günümüzde İskendiriye Feneri'nin yapılmıştır. Orjinal İskendiriye Feneri günümüze doğa şartları nedeniyle korunamamıştır.

A copy of the Lighthouse at Alexandria. The original one was destroyed by the natural disasters.

A 27 meters cylindrical shape was located at the center and was used as an underlying part about the other parts. The lower part is rectangular and 55 meters high. An earthquake and various storms in 955 AD caused its partial destruction and the lighthouse was completely destroyed because of another earthquake in 1302.

İskendiriye Feneri'nin yine bir resmedilmiş hali.

A representative picture of the Lighthouse at Alexandria

No remnant of the lighhouse is found. The different copies of this artowk and also miniature works are exhibited in different places. The Lighthouse at Alexandria serves as a symbol of greatness and achievment of the courage and the patience of the people of that time who managed to build such a manignificent building in such conditions.

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