Colossus of Rhodes

Rodos limanına girmek için altından geçmek zorunda olunan (Bir nevi büyüklüğünü kabul ederek, kutsanarak vb.. anlam içerir.) Rodos'un büyüklük simgesi anlamını da taşıyan Rodos Heykeli.

A representing image of a ship passing in the place where the statue is placed.

The Rhodes Statue, which was built during the time of the Greek kingdom, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World at this time. The statue was built on the island of Rhodes and it is estimated that it was built between 300 and 400 BC. The Rhodesian sculptor fully assumed its role as a gate of the port at Rhodes island. The sculpture, which appears to be a bridging mission due to its structure, is among the seven wonders of the world. According to a few customs, the two scaffolds are tied together and several ships are thought to have passed under it. However, it is said that the two colons of the resultant sculpture are on the scaffolding and are not suitable for the technological and construction conditions  of that time. However in the past several workings which seem impossible have been done so there are still confirmation voices for the existence of such a sculpture.

Rodos Heykeli günümüze kadar korunamamıştır.

Colossus of Rhodes did not survive. 

Rhodes Statue is 32 meters tall and it was made by melting the bronze weapons.   The Seven Wonders of the World resemble almost the same features as those of Liberty Statue found in New York.

Rodos heykeli'nin bulunduğu yere bugün temsili iki adet kolon dikilmiştir.

Two colons are placed in the place where the statue was thought to be found. 

Rodos Heykeli'nin bulunduğu alan. Rodos adasında bulunan yer günümüzde Yunanistan'a bağlıdır.

The Colossus of Rhodes is found in Rhodes, a Greek Island

It was created in Rhodes as the name suggests too. The statue was positioned at the entrance of the city near the port of Rhodes. The people of Rhodes, who won a war during that time decided to do this sculpture as a gift to gods. The statue is a god of  Sun (a Greek god) and was made by the sculptor Chares of Lindos between 305 and 304 years BC.
The statue was at a height of 32 meters and was made of bronze. It was destroyed about 125 years after being built because of an earthquake.

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