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The World’s New Seven Wonders finalist: Acropolis

 Acropolis_of_Athens_01361 Akropolis  Atina, Yunanistan


An acropolis was found in each of the ancient Greece citie. Acropolis means the city above and the most important institutions,  temples and buildings were placed there. The reason the Acropolis of Athens was built over the hill of Athens was to keep it secure from probable foreign attacks or any rebellions.

Acropolis of Athens was the most important acropolis of all acropolis of that time. It was built 6000 years ago and it located on the Attica’s Valley 152 meters above the sea level. The rocky plateau it is placed on has dimesions respectively 270 and 150 meters. Apart from the fact it was built during the Stone Age, its major development occurred during the Bronze Age. During that time the main room of the King and various houses were built. Several important buildings of the time have resisted till today. Some of them are Parthenon (Temple of Athena Parthenos), Propylaion (entrance gate), Temple of Athens and Erechtheion. Most of the constructions were done under the rule of Pericles during the 5th century BC. 

Acropolis today

Acropolis serves as a museum and  sometimes concerts organized there.


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