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The world’s Seven New Wonder finalist: Moai

It is located in Easter Island in Chile. Each of the religious sculptures’s length found there is 12 meters . Each of them is nearly 50 tons.These sculptures belong to the people of Maoi and were used during the blessing ceremonies and harvest celebrations. This tradition which started 1000 years ago, lasted for 600 years. Since the Easter Island is a volcanic island, the sculptures are made of volcanic tufts. The largest statue is 20,65 meters tall.

Some of the sculptures have tattoos on them. It is still unclear what these tattoos are and what is the meaning of the various writings on them. This is only of the mysteries of the Easter Island. There are many mysterious sides of the island. The people of Maoi caused the destruction of palm trees which are unique to Easter Island due to these sculptures. The reason for this is the skid system made of palm trees used for sculpture and transportation of the sculptures.

The civil fighting groups of Maoi

The people of Maoi began to form groups within the island. According to these fighting groups , the Maoi sculptures represented power and glory. They were trying to compete for a bigger and more maoi stitch. When each group started to transport maoi sculptures, the palm trees of the island came to an end.
With the dismantling of the palm trees, a large erosion within the island arose. The fertile lands disappeared and the island society began to lose its intensity of culture and population. Due to natural selection, the groups began to destroy each other’s Maoi sculptures and eat each other (cannibalism). It has even been learned that a cave named ‘Cave of Cannibal’ was placed. For this reason the islanders who sacrificed palm trees to transport sculptures could not find proper materials to make a boat. For this reason, the island lost a large population and its population fell from 10 thousand to the 750. Later the slave traders of Europe came to the island and took away the healthy individuals to sell them later as slaves.

The pictures of Moai