Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Zeus; Tanrıların tanrısı...

Zeus; The Father of Gods

As the name also suggests, this sculpture was made in honor of Zeus.  The sculpture was made by placing gold and pieces of ivory metal n a sculpted wooden skeleton. Temple of Zeus was closed by Theodosius in 391 in the same time Olympic games were viewed as idolatry. The sculpture later was moved to Constantinople by the time several rich Greeks lived there. People used to go there and pray. The statue disappeared during the great fire that took place in 462.

Zeus heykeli zamanın heykelleri içerisinde en büyük olanıdır. Bulunduğu tapınak içerisindeki heykele ulaşan yollar karanlıktır. Böylece heykelden gelen ışığı izleyerek aydınlığa ulaşılır.

Zeus sculpture is the largest of the sculptures of all times. The road toward the sculpture inside the temple is dark. The light coming from the sculpture shines over the place.

The Zeus sculpture was first made in the ancient city of Olympos in Greece by the famous sculptor Phidias (sculptor of the Athena sculpture) 450 years BC.

Zeus Heykeli 12 mt. yüksekliğe sahiptir. Gövde bölgesi bulunduğu tapınağın tavanına yaklaşacak şekildedir.

Zeus Statue is 7 mt. width, 12 mt. high. The body of the sculpture reachesthe ceiling of the temple where it is located.

The statue is approximately 12 meters high.  The Zeus Statue, which lost its reputation during the Olympic Games, was moved to Istanbul from Greece. This work, which is the world’s 7 wonders, has been left in Istanbul for a while. Today, this beautiful work is exhibited in a museum in Paris and it is also considered one of the seven great wonders of the world.  It is highly acclaimed as one of the most beautiful works of art dating back to the time of the Greek time.  We were able to have more knowledge about those times and the religious beliefs of that time due to this work.

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